DIY Escape Room

As with many people around the world at this time, our family has been pretty much stuck at home for social distancing. Recently our daughter had a suggestion to entertain ourselves: We could build escape rooms for each other. As typical with such a suggestion, I at first dismiss this as being too hard, and then get obsessed about it and do it anyway. The players deep in thought attempting to solve my diabolical escape room. [Read More]

Screwed Up Poker

Every so often I have the pleasure of playing low stakes poker with some friends. Usually we play Texas hold ’em or some variant of it. It’s a tough game to play (at least for unskilled people such as myself), so often near the end of the night when we’re tired (or drunk), we switch to a much simpler game called Screw Your Neighbor. © Steven Depolo, Attribution 2.0 Generic [Read More]